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We Have a new friend!

Check out our newest team member Padunk!

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This Months New Products!

We’re well into Summer and it is HOT! Not just the temperature but our styles! Come check out the Spaicy Shop and pick up a comfortable cool T shirt to kick the heat or pick up a copy of the manga to sit in a nook and cool off!


Next Convention Weekend!

We are back again to ACFI, but somethings different…

There was a loud bang and a sudden flash of light, we were thrown forward towards a gate and now we are lying on the ground. Dazed we look up through the haze and see neon signs reading ACFI 2019 but the car that zooms by is nothing like I’ve seen before, angular yet sleek. The people wear strange clothes, brightly colored tanks, leather jackets, padded shoulders, and fingerless gloves? Some look to be fitted with robotic limbs! The air space is polluted with vibrant lighting in what seems like a sea of neon and blacklight, Augmented Reality Screens and Holo projections displayed in place of billboards, the skyline is towering above us, what is going on?
Some sort of Vapor Wave Cyberpunk Future?

Join us October 4th-6th “2019” as we venture into the future of the furry fandom and, well, I guess the world!


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Check out the latest news from our Artist’s as well as Sixth Element!

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