Who We Are

Sixth Element Studios is a media collaborative that generates and directs pop culture projects with third parties to produce professional content. Sixth Element was founded by media producers Beau Lewis and Dylan Weaver

What We Do

We specialize in a Number of fields including Product Creation, Digital Art (2D and 3D), Audio Production, Voice Acting, Original Music, Video and Audio Event Coverage, Writing, and Game Development. We work on a Freelance basis as well as Commission base. All profit for art done by those working with the studio go to the respective artist.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to provide a community to these artists so they may have access to the knowledge, Resources, and Experience needed to become stronger in each of their desired trades, no matter the skill level they may be. While also developing original content for others to enjoy.


Our Vision

Sixth Element envisions a strong community. A community that is self-supporting and unique. A community that exists above the rest, and is filled with wholehearted genuine content that represents what it is exists for. Whether you be into Anime, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Furry fandom, or any other form of modern society culture. Sixth Element wants to exists as apart of these communities and help them grow. We want to be as apart of your life as your brother, sister, step-pony, or pet sergal-cat breaking bad crossover. To provide the things that we hold close a chance to represent itself head to head with the media titans of our time. Although our concept is simple, with the help of people who wish a better fandom, we can achieve what we all want to see.