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Spaicy @ Alamo City Furry Invasion

  • El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel (map)

Convention and a Show! Come visit Spaicy at ACFI!

The Story So Far…
The quiet town of Fur City Bluff is a peaceful hamlet, tucked beneath Coyote Bluff and the Coyote Run River along the Ol’ Fur Antonio Road… but sinister villains and cockeyed hooligans aim to change all that. At the 1915 Fur Antonio Trail Rodeo & Festival, the devious Mei Long and her lackeys—all part of the notorious Red Mask Gang—arrived and kidnapped the visiting mayor, Path, and held him ransom at the end of the festival, only for Path to share a note from Mei Long to the Sheriff giving the location of Billy Quinn’s hideout. Surprised by Long’s betrayal, the people of Fur City Bluff are again surprised to learn that the bank has been robbed while all the commotion about the kidnapping had distracted the townspeople… but only a single safety deposit box been stolen.

Surmising that only Billy Quinn, infamous leader of the Red Mask Gang, could strike with such precision, and with only the letter in hand and little else in the way of clues, the Sheriff sets off on his way to try and find the lair of the West’s last great outlaw, Billy Quinn.

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