Manager's Of Media and Arts

Michael Fitzjarrell

Lord Maxin  Age 27  Joplin, MO

Our Lead for all things Video, Mike is a valuable member of the S.E.S team. With 10 years of experience in the field and 3 in professional management in News. he know the ins, outs, tips and tricks that make our professional coverage team the best it can be. Mike also has an extensive portfolio in the art of Voice Acting and Writing.

Beau Lewis

DGB  Age 23  Joplin, MO


DGB, a creative content developer for S.E.S and one of its Co-Founders. DGB has an extensive history in Electronic and Classical music Production and Concept. He also has history in the art of Voice Acting and Writing on a Semi Pro Level. With his experience in Business relation and Management he is one of the heads that shape this company into the future.


Dylan Weaver

Total Krazen Age 17 Branson, MO

Co-founder and Art Director, Krazen is a creative content developer and adviser within S.E.S. He has years of experience in 3D commercial development and direction, as well as history in social development reflecting modern media consumerism. Total Krazen is also professionally trained in Graphic Design, and media relations.