Cathy Weseluck Lights the Torch for BABSCon!


Golden Gates, take a letter! With the Equestria Games over and the break coming to an end, it’s high time to breathe some fire into the heart of San Fransiscolt. These ponies need to learn the magic of friendship from…a dragon? A mayor? A voice actress?

Multi-talented voice actress Cathy Weseluck, voice of Spike the Dragon and Mayor Mare, will grace us all with her appearance at our very own BABSCon! Joining John de Lancie on our ever-growing all-star guest list, Cathy’s expertise and talent in voice acting offers much to be admired. Apart from rescuing crystal hearts and singing anthems, Cathy has performed a number of roles in animated television, including excitable bunny Buttercream Sundae from Littlest Pet Shop, Ayumi from InuYasha, Near from Death Note, and the ever lovable Chiaotzu & Android fromDragon Ball Z.

Trustworthy assistant and loyal dragon, we’ll be sure to extend our warmest welcome to Cathy. We’re certainly excited for what she has to offer. Come join us on April 3-5 and see Cathy Weseluck, John de Lancie at BABSCon. Registration is still open, so be sure to reserve your spot!