Sixth Element launches recruitment for "Fallout Equestria the 3D animated series"!

Welcome Vault Dwellers!

Sixth Element Studios has partnered with many awesome individuals to help produce something never before seen in the MLP community.

The past few months we have been preparing a direction for a FULL 3D ANIMATED SERIES based off of the My Little Pony ™ fan fiction Fallout Equestria written by Kkat

But to make this happen, we need you!

As we are still in pre-production there is still time for you to be apart of something new.


Sixth Element is a media collaborative that partners with individuals of all skill levels. We ask that if you have skill in any of the following sections that you visit our application page



Voice Acting                 3D

Animation                     2D

          Rigging             Marketing     

Concept         Script Writing

Soundtrack                   VFX

Graphic Design              Post

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