LouLouVZ Start Development of Spaicy! The Game!

She’s hard at work as always, but today we are here to talk about here game development announcement! Spaicy! originally written and illustrated for a game, has been debuted as a web comic as well as a published manga will finally get back to its roots and begin development on her new platform! A 2D platforming RPG that will follow the adventures of Spaicy Chicoross. Imagine Shantae but with more whip and less hair this games early stages are just being let out. The announcement came earlier this week and with that a large amount of hype, though it will be a long way off, with plans to develop a short demo with placeholders to begin testing and tuning the game and its unique play style. The development team is being looked at now and concept animation for the earliest stages of the game have already been released on Spaicys Facebook page.

Above are some concept animations and below you can find basic drawing of movement and possible game mechanics.


The video below is for any and all developers to see and respond to if they want in on a new indie project. It is set to release on steam as well as other consoles in the future if the team can put it together!

Below are the basic Icons for power ups available in the game, though as of now nothing is set in stone the artwork still looks promising!


As we look forward to the early stages of the game we can only speculate on the dev process and the final products outcome though with such a rich story line already established for the series we know that the Fanbase will enjoy the next chapter of the Spaicy Universe! For more info on Spaicy visit her website HERE. For quick updates consider Liking the Facebook Page and for products related to Spaicy visit our Store!