It’s Finally Arrived Online!

The Spaicy Box was introduced not long ago but since its debut it has been asked about all over the web. And now its here!

The Spaicy Box comes to you in all its stylized glory filled with awesome items including:

  • Your copy of Spaicy! Volume #1

  • T-Shirt

  • 3 Buttons

  • Exclusive Mini Prints!

    Some of these boxes are randomly selected to include additional items! Such as Pins and additional copies of prints, test items that have not been released yet, and more to be announced in the future!

    Each Box is a surprise and is perfect for those that want to support the Spaicy Project but don’t know what exactly to get, and those that want even more!

This product is only available to US and Canadian Customers. Over time we will try to ship these outside of North America as we grow together! Continue to Support us and we will expand and get bigger! Bringing it across the world!

Spaicy Box!