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A Quick FAQ Regarding Our Products and Practices

What are your clothes made out of?

Our clothes are a specialty blend of 90% Cotton and 10% Rayon. We thought hard on what to make our blend out of to be not only be long lasting, but to have a higher quality feel.

Rayon has a lot of stretch and makes the product conform in a way that you may know Polyester to do, however, it doesn't have the same heat trapping or irritation that it is disliked for. And our cotton make the product durable and soft. This blend makes our T shirts comfortable, water wicking, stain resistant and thicker than your average small business clothing line.

Do your clothes come in Unisex? Those don't fit me well.

Our clothes are not Unisex. You may notice they don't come in Men and Women though theres a good reason for this. Our cut is a custom design, meaning that we built it from scratch to fit the curves and crevices of every body type and every sex. Whether your slim and tall, short and stacked or anywhere in between this shirt should be the best cut fit you have ever tried on.

And we really do mean that, If your clothes don't fit we will exchange them for free, just pay the shipping.

I was told you have a warranty? Is that true?

Yes we do! Our clothes are Guaranteed against Shrinking and Discoloration. Baring the stray wine night or bonfire mishap our shirts are built to last you a long long time. So if your shirt starts to fade or if you pop your 3XL into the dryer and it comes out a XL *because clothing magic* we will replace it for free, just pay the shipping.

Are your Artist Getting Paid? Or are you just like R**bubble?

Our Artist come First! We actually pay our artist the majority of the profit of each sale. Its our core belief that every Artist and Designer be paid for each and every item sold. We do not purchase artwork rights or pay lump sums for permission to sell works, in fact, our artist don't even pay to start making the products, we do.

I want a new Design! I already bought the last one.

Thanks for buying our product hypothetical customer!

We want to produce new and interesting designs on a quarterly basis. To do that, we need to sell our old stock and invest in new. The more often you see that SOLD OUT tag on a shirt or charm the better chances we will have a brand new design following it!

Please consider sharing your purchase or our work with others and we will reward you with a discount on your next online purchase! Make sure to tag us and follow so we can send it over to you.

Follow us here!

Will you be coming to a town near me? Online shopping is hard and I want to meet the artist!

We Hope So!

A lot of that has to do with our growth and funds. We want to do more shows and fly more artists in for them, to do that we have a community fund!

Support us on Patreon and you can get some great benefits as well as support the Artist we work with by helping us fund R&D for new designs and Merch, Travel and expenses, Conventions and Panels, and if we can get enough we will remove shipping from this sight all together!

100% of the Patreon is used to support our artists and fund R&D none of it is for profit! That means that every dollar funded gets put back into making our site, our shows and our products even better!

Please consider joining our patreon today!


Do you guys Advertise or Collaborate with others? I'd like to connect with you.

We do! Advertising is done in house and is approved individually to make sure we are putting people onto other cool projects and products! Send us an email at the bottom of the page and we can work something out.

We also do limited collaborations and help connect others to our manufacturing so they can get the same high quality products for their works! We believe everyone should have access to fairly priced and high quality merch so please feel free to send us an email and we will help you out!

Do you guys do any green planning for your business? Environmental issues mean a lot to me.

We are always striving to do what we can to help the planet and limit our footprint. Our orders are done in lump amounts to reduce pollution and sent via Air to protect ocean life as well as reduce fuel waste. We run our facility in one warehouse at less than 4k square feet in a low income area not only to help reduce our size but to help the community that we live in. Our convention travel is done via single vehicle to reduce fuel waste and our equipment is recycled *though we do want to move to an electric option in the future* And our product, packaging, and mailers are all recycled or recyclable.

I have other questions. Can you answer them?

Sure! We want to be transparent and give you all the details. Send us a question in our Chat in the bottom right of our site or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please make sure to include your contact info in the chat as we are not always online.

If we have anything else that comes up we will post it here for all to see. Thank you for reading and we appreciate your patronage!

I need to do a return! Help!

Remember to send us a picture of any of the guaranteed damage/defect to your product. Give a reason for return, If it is size related please make sure the product is in good condition and cleaned. All returns are honored with a image of the damage/description of return and will be replaced for free minus shipping. If we do not carry the product or are out of stock we will refund the product amount.

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